Organizing Kids Dresser

Whether I’m traveling to another country or walking in my neighbourhood. It’s so fun to see someone else’s space. And so today I’m showing you a short video of Stella and Gwen’s dresser. Exciting…I know, but hey, it’s a part of our EVERY day.   I would also like to say that there’s no prescription of how…

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Mama Mantras

How do you chill the ef out when your children are fighting or being intense? There are loads of strategies that you can implement like connecting with your kids and letting them duke it out. And sometimes none of these strategies seem to work and you just want to lose it. So what then? How…

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toned portrait of Cute sad little girl thinking

Sensitivity to noise at school

How I dealt with my daughter not wanting to go to school due to noise sensitivity Stella didn’t want to go to school this morning. Full out crying. Said school is too noisy. She like me, has a  sensitivity to noise. So I get it. A classroom full of loud kids is the reason why I…

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How my first spiritual mentor changed my life

I was recently invited to share my story and facilitate a small group of Occupational Therapy students at the University of Toronto. Spirituality and the meaning of life were at the core of our discussion and it was so fantastic to stand in front of the students and fully embrace my story, my experiences, my…

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Dentist Series: Cavities in Kids Teeth

Dentist Series: Cavities in Kids Teeth So my two girls, who were 3 and 5 at the time, had dental surgery under general anesthetic that totalled $7,587. They are only three and five. Gwen had 10 cavities and Stella had 18. My first instinct, and most likely yours, is to judge. That’s crazy—how could they…

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Christmas Happy funny children twins sisters hugging

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids No matter how much you want to keep it simple for Christmas, more than likely gifts will be exchanged!  And although I love talking about traditions and what really matters over the holidays (being together, singing, relaxing), I know that family members are asking for ideas!  I’ve listed a few below…

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Bali with Kids: We’re Taking the Kids Traveling for Four Months

Bali with Kids Series We’re going to Bali this winter (and Thailand) with our almost four and six year old girls and feeling pretty pumped despite having lots of logistics to sort out (medicine for Mark, flights + trip details) in the next two months! The countdown is on and my mantra is “we’ll figure it out.”…

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Wedding car with just married sign in a blackboard

The Truth About Marriage

Married today for eight years.  I love this photo because it’s tender and close and how I feel- supported and loved by Mark. And I’m being honest and real. It hasn’t always been like this- initially yes…when we started dating 14 years ago. But I’d be lying if I stood here and said it was…

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