Why Is It So Hard to Ask for Help

As women and moms, sometimes, if not often, we need extra support. Not because we’re not good enough or strong enough, but because times have changed. Many of us live away from our extended family, many are working outside of the home and no one ever does it alone. I’m not sure why we think…

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blend board

What helps me when I’m overwhelmed

How are you doing? Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired? There’s so much happening under the surface right now. Shifts. Things that you can’t touch or describe really. The emotional undercurrent seems to be high. This morning, for example, I dropped Gwen off at daycare, preschool, whatever you want to call it, and she clinged…

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Baby green turtle making its way to the ocean


Transitions. Man they can be hard (until you and your child can adapt).  Mark’s a pretty chill guy so us girls seem quite emotional in comparison! I’m talking big and small transitions. Change. Getting ready in the morning. Moving from playing to eat at the dinner table. Going to sleep. Adjusting to seasonal clothing. A…

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Ganesha made of stone in bali

One Fear That Was Getting In My Way Of My Dream

You know when people ask hypothetically if you had one year left to live what would you do? Or say, live in the now because you never know… It sort of irritates me. It’s assuming you can drop everything and do whatever the hell you want as if money, health and time didn’t factor into play. As if it…

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Darkness Can Be a Place of Power

In the name of being truthful and real, being back in the city this week and getting CT scan results was nothing like a summer holiday. Last week was amazing. Sun. Family. Lake. Nature. And a super proud moment when, after towing the girls on a tube behind the stand up paddle board, they asked…

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What not to say when three year old is crying

We went camping Father’s Day weekend and the girls loved it. They were in their element and so happy to be together as a family beaching, tenting, roasting smores.  This is what you see or hear on Facebook. The happy moments. And they are. It is quite magical to hear your kids laughing and see…

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How Sex and Mealtime are Similar

Did you know that eating and sex are two of the most complex activities that we perform as adults? It involves several muscles, our sensory system (including touch, scent, balance and amount of pressure joints/muscles need to exert), emotions and a relationship to something outside of ourselves.  It’s layered and complex. And we know that too much…

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How she learned to like the water as a sensitive child

I want to share with you a story about Stella and how she’s come full circle with water as a highly sensitive child. She was the baby in swimming class that cried during class and didn’t like her face wet. And I felt like I had to put her in swimming classes (not sure why-…

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