Family Rule

Did you know that May is Melanoma awareness month? Last Monday Mark and I were invited to join the amazing people from the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund (DCMF) for their annual bowling fundraiser. And we had a good time. .   They also launched their second video to help raise awareness for the most serious and fatal…

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Anything Is Possible

I wanted to touch base and share a few words on unexpected moments and POSSIBILITY. I just came back from five days in Dallas where I spent time with other like-minded women who are living life on their terms. The conference was called Off the Charts with Nathalie Lussier and I went to be inspired. I…

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Confession: I don’t have all my shit together

I’ve been working with clients, attending conferences, attending to my own health and healing, hoping that Mark’s new cancer treatment will work this time, learning design skills (I’m going to try and create some cool PDF’s for you!) and doing Doula training and all the rest…household chores, swimming and gymnastics lessons, filling out pizza lunch forms, laundry,…

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How I dealt with an epic meltdown

Ok so following last week’s post, I thought I’d share the EPIC meltdown that happened in the most confined space with a 3 year old. The airplane. It was her first flight. She is scared of the toilets in the train and she has an older sister who doesn’t like the loud flush sound of…

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself

We had a great time while in the Dominican Republic- the sun, the time together as a family, the fresh air and not having to cook or clean. Magical. My husband wrote this beautiful blog post about how the trip came to be and speaks about receiving, asking for support, shame, motherhood and vulnerability all…

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How to cut yourself some slack

On Sunday I posted on my personal Facebook page that we had just got through a couple of meltdowns and that although I’m generally pretty calm, I’m not always. And sometimes I react. I raise my voice. I get frustrated. Now part of me felt very vulnerable sharing. I didn’t want to be judged. I didn’t want…

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Three keys needed to parent a highly sensitive child

 We are all have our own quirks. I know you know this, but we truly are our own individuals. So are our kids. Although there are some similarities amongst us, universal patterns and common threads in our journey’s, we each have our own set of stories, experiences, preferences, dislikes, desires and temperaments. Temperament is something…

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The question to ask when you’re in overwhelm

There’s one common feeling that I have that creeps up from time to time (ok maybe often!) and I have trouble handling it. And that is overwhelm. It’s triggered when I feel like I have too much going on or I’m faced with not knowing what to do. And I then tend to go around…

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