Soul Fever- Simplicity Parenting Series

You know when life feels like a bit too much sometimes. When you don’t feel like yourself and you need a break? Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, calls this Soul Fever. Put simply, Soul Fever is inflammation of the emotions. I feel like I’ve just come out of an emotional storm and things…

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Why Simplify?- Simplicity Parenting Series

I was going to write about money or tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique) this week; however instead I’ve been inspired to have you join my Simplicity Parenting Group!! Virtually. After leading yesterday’s first gathering of moms, I thought why don’t I share with you what we’re covering week by week.  And so this is #1 of a 7-week-series where…

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What does it mean to lead as mothers

Horses are great teachers. Just like kids. I absolutely love this Ted Talk given by Koelle Simpson, life coach and horse whisperer which summarizes exactly how I feel about women and our roles as mothers. You can watch it here…or read my summary of key phrases from Koelle Simpson’s Ted Talk below. “Within every human being is…

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How to deal with unexpected news

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” – Philo Have you ever received some news that you weren’t fully expecting? Last week we received some news that the tumour in Mark’s pancreas is growing. It was not what we had hoped for.  It’s now triple in size and although we’ve been…

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A Magical Morning Ritual

Our oldest started school last week and is loving it. My husband wrote a great piece from his perspective of sending her off to school called Stella’s Bus, My Roller Coaster.  It sort of hit us hard once those bus doors closed, but emotions were allowed to be expressed and we’ve now moved on! This morning I…

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35 Years and Counting

Mark’s MRI for his brain and CT scans of his body are scheduled next week. The week of his 35th birthday and five years since he was initially diagnosed. I can’t stop playing over the chain of events in the past several years. There’s been so many magical moments and so many life altering ones. I…

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Being vulnerable and meeting my needs

Ok so today is the day that I’m posting my very first video blog…it’s simple, real and a maybe a bit too long. But I’m just putting myself out there. I haven’t written in a few months for a couple reasons- the first one being that I needed and wanted some time to be still.…

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if divorce

If it wasn’t for this, Mark and I may be divorced

When Mark was initially diagnosed with melanoma in 2009 and I gave birth to our first daughter six months later,  I tried speaking to a few therapists to help me manage my stress because I knew it was important for my mental and emotional wellbeing- and honestly our marriage. However, I struggled to find someone…

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