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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

No matter how much you want to keep it simple for Christmas, more than likely gifts will be exchanged! 

And although I love talking about traditions and what really matters over the holidays (being together, singing, relaxing), I know that family members are asking for ideas! 

I’ve listed a few below keeping in mind the child’s abilities, forms of play and environments- this is just how my mind works coming from an Occupational Therapist’s perspective. These may be more targeted for 18 months to 6 years of age, but generally applies to all of us. 

Gross motorIMG_2984



Strider bike , bike helmet

-Equipment for sports (skates, balls, skis)

-Trapeze bar, hula hoop, skipping rope


*We’re getting Stella a rock climbing harness this year.

Fine motor IMG_3028


-Crayons, paints, an easel (or tape paper on the wall to promote wrist extension and arm strength)

Scissors (loop, spring loaded, left handed)

-Beading, threading, knitting

-Craft supplies- construction paper, glitter glue, buttons, feathers, journal books


Sensory IMG_3236

-Noise cancelling headphones 

Yogiboo bean bag chair

-Compression shirt


-Essential oils

*This is a simple list.



-Water bottle, lunch bag


-Shoes, boots, outdoor gear

Pretend play household items like a broom

-Table and chairs, bed, desk


Handmade (if you’re lucky like me and have a crafty folks in the family)


*Look how tired Stella looks! March babies 2 years -2 days apart.

-Birthday crown

-Apron, Blanket

-Hats, mitts

-Room decor

*I’ve made some beautiful dream catchers for all of my nieces this year and I’m not really the crafty type, but I wanted to see if I could create my own.



-Music instruments, cd’s


-Board games, cards

-Animal Tarot cards, crystals and stones (Stella loves these)

-Diffuser for essential oils

-Organic bubble bath

-Experiences, money for education/ classes, and gift certificates are always great too! 

Three tips you may already be doing:

  1. Keep a running list on your Notes app or on sheet of paper
  2. Declutter and simplify the kids’ toys before the holidays. *Sign up to my mailing list and I promise to send you a more elaborate ebook on simplifying kids stuff before the New Year!
  3. Keep it simple. Pick a few items and remember what really matters. It’s not about how much you spend or how big the present is.

Christmas gifts

Our kids just want us to be there with them. You are the one constant in their lives, long after toys and the latest trendy game has come and gone. Have fun and remember to prioritize.

The fondest memories I have as a child over the Holidays are slow Christmas mornings, the smells of breakfast and sounds of a crackling fire, playing with my cousins while the adults socialized on Christmas Eve.

Tell me, what is your nicest memory from your childhood over the Holidays?

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