Organizing Kids Dresser

Whether I’m traveling to another country or walking in my neighbourhood.

It’s so fun to see someone else’s space.

And so today I’m showing you a short video of Stella and Gwen’s dresser. Exciting…I know, but hey, it’s a part of our EVERY day.


I would also like to say that there’s no prescription of how much stuff we ‘should’ have…it’s a matter of what works at your house.

I didn’t show you their closet, which has five or so hooks with their cardigans and sweaters as well as a few dresses. In the summertime, there closet is full of dresses they love to wear.

Would love to know, any takeaways from this?

For more inspiration and simplicity, you can buy my ebook on Simplifying Kids’ Stuff for $12 CDN. It’s 30 odd pages and covers the emotional side of letting go of stuff as well as the practical— as we need to keep our sanity!

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