Wedding car with just married sign in a blackboard

The Truth About Marriage

Married today for eight years. mesmiling

I love this photo because it’s tender and close and how I feel- supported and loved by Mark. And I’m being honest and real.

It hasn’t always been like this- initially yes…when we started dating 14 years ago.

But I’d be lying if I stood here and said it was always peachy keen. There have been days where I was filled with so much anger towards him and I wasn’t sure I wanted this life. I used to question if the infertility, pregnancy losses and cancer we’re happening because we weren’t meant to be together. Man that was hard.

Thank god I found people to lean in on, people I could trust to see what was really going on and that I had the courage to give myself permission to receive help of all kinds. It’s brought us closer because we’ve both committed to our own personal journey, to each other and our kids.


Life and parenting are messy.

But there’s no one else I’d rather be with than Mark. We are meant to be together simply because we accept the dark and the light and know we are not defined by our experiences, but rather how we choose to respond.

This is life.

And so it is.

Eternally grateful for now.



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